December 9, 2023
Bling Eternity Melon Ice – Disposable Vape Flavors

A luscious fusion of strawberry pineapple and blueberries complemented with cooling bursts of frosty menthol. One of 18 amazing flavors Bling Eternity offers in a disposable vaporizer pod that is USB-C rechargeable and easy to use for newcomers and mobile users.

Bling Eternity Melon Ice comes in a BLING Market disposable that is USB-C rechargeable, lightweight for portable use and simple for newcomers and mobile vapers. It has a 16ml e-Liquid capacity and features a flashy wattage meter and perfect coil for big flavors, thick clouds and ultimate satisfaction.

Strawberry Watermelon

A mouthwatering fusion of sweet strawberries and ripe watermelon that’s augmented with exotic coconut flavor to take you on a vacation to paradise island. This luscious mix is one of 18 amazing Bling Eternity flavors offered in a reusable, disposable pod vaporizer device that’s USB-C rechargeable and lightweight for newcomers or mobile use.

Our BLING Market pods feature high-quality food-grade ingredients, different nicotine strengths, and a perfectly calibrated coil for big flavors, thick clouds and ultimate satisfaction. These premium devices also offer a lightweight design that’s comfortable in your hand. These reusable vaporizer devices are refillable and come with a built-in USB-C charger.

Berry Mix Ice

A mouth-puckering mix of sweet strawberries and pineapples infused with icy mint for an exhilarating fruit slush experience. One of 18 amazing flavors offered in BLING Eternity disposable pod vaporizers. These convenient devices are USB-C rechargeable, lightweight and easy to use for newcomers or mobile vapers. They offer an inch-perfect coil and auto inhale design that produces big flavors and ultimate clouds at an affordable price for anyone who wants to try vaping.

The luscious sweetness of melons fused with a subtle blast of cool menthol. This berry blend is offered in BLING Diamond’s line of disposable pod vaporizers, which uses high quality food grade ingredients and an inch-perfect coil for big flavor and smooth clouds.

Mint Ice

Mint Ice has the fresh taste of crisp, clean peppermint paired with rich chips of indulgent dark chocolate. Unlike regular ice cubes that will absorb water and flavor, our mint ice will add deliciously bold vapor flavor to lemonade, iced tea, mojitos or even just mint juleps. Great for summer parties, tailgates and grilling, they will be a fun addition to drinks as they melt and add a nice minty flavor. They are also great for keeping in the freezer and adding to drinks.

Purple Rain

The title track to the 1984 film Purple Rain is one of the most iconic power ballads in history. The song mixes rock, R&B, gospel, and orchestral music. It’s also one of Prince’s most famous songs.

The eight-minute song was originally written as a country tune and was intended to be a collaboration with Stevie Nicks, but she turned it down, saying it would be too overwhelming. Prince then reworked it to make the version we know and love today.

Purple Rain was a watershed moment in merging genres, demographics and musical ideologies. It remains a powerful and influential album to this day, regularly appearing on lists of the best of all time.

Rainbow Candy

Featuring a mix of sweet and sour flavors, Rainbow Candy has the colors of the rainbow in every bite. This colorful candy buffet item is perfect for unicorn and Pride themed parties.

With an average taste score of 3.9/5, the Rainbow Candy Elf Bar flavor has been satisfying to many vapers. While taste preferences can vary slightly from person to person, this flavor is an exceptional blend of candied fruits including grape, citrus, and berry.

Rule One Pre-Amino Energy has a new lion in town with this flavor that tastes like rainbow candy with a hint of ice! Enjoy the sweet mix of fruits without any crash or tingles.

Melon Ice

A mouth-puckering blend of strawberries and bananas complemented with icy mint for an exhilarating fruit slush experience. This mouthwatering e-liquid from the Dinner Lady Fruits collection by Bling Eternity features high-quality food-grade ingredients and perfect coil to offer big flavors and impressive clouds at an affordable price.

A succulent mix of ripe honeydew melons twisted with refreshing ice for an icy sensation that will refresh your senses. This luscious flavor is available in the Bling Eternity BLING Market disposable pod vaporizer that’s USB-C rechargeable, lightweight for newcomers or mobile use, and comes with a range of nicotine strengths.

The BLING Market is a 3500 puff, leisure vaping pod made from light 304 stainless steel with comfortable hand feeling. It’s pre-filled with one of 18 amazing flavors and includes a high-performance coil to deliver smooth throat hits, satisfying clouds, and exceptional flavor production.