September 28, 2023

Your toilet is one of your home’s most important plumbing fixtures. So, when something goes wrong, it’s crucial to get repairs done quickly and effectively.

If you notice water pooling around the base of your toilet, there could be a problem with the wax seal that connects it to the bathroom floor.

Broken Fill Valve

If your toilet is constantly leaking, dripping or running, it may need a new fill valve. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive parts to replace on a standard, modern toilet.

Typically, this is a simple do-it-yourself job that can be done by anyone with some plumbing knowledge and tools. Alternatively, a plumber can help you with the job.

A broken fill valve can be a frustrating problem because it prevents you from getting the proper flush that you need to keep your bathroom clean and sanitary. You can fix a broken fill valve by opening the toilet tank, taking out the broken part and replacing it with a new one.

You can also check the wax seal that attaches the toilet to the floor to see if it is leaking. If it is, you need to get it repaired by a Doral plumber as soon as possible. This problem can lead to water damage, rotting of the flooring and even mold growth.

Broken Flush Valve

A broken flush valve is one of the most common toilet problems. A faulty or broken flush valve is the source of much of the water waste you see in public restrooms and in your own home, and it also leads to the aforementioned clogged Toilet Repair in Miami FL. Luckily, it’s not as difficult to fix as it might be. The requisite parts can be had from your local plumbing supply house or hardware store. The cost of the replacement parts is a fraction of what it would be to hire a plumber to do the job for you. You might be thinking of getting a professional to show you the best way to do it yourself, but it’s not that hard to learn how to do the job right the first time around.

Broken Wax Ring

If your bathroom starts to look like a swimming pool and you suspect it may be caused by a broken wax ring, you need to call a professional. A leaking toilet is not only a major source of water damage to your floors and ceiling, but it can also cause mold growth and unpleasant odors.

To repair your leaking toilet, you need to detach the water supply, unscrew the tee bolts on the floor, and remove the toilet from its normal position. Next, replace the old wax ring with a new one.

Installing a Toilet Repair in Miami FL seal is not a simple task, and it can be tricky to do properly. You must exert your body weight into the process to create a tight seal around the flange. In addition, you should be careful not to over-tighten the bolts as this can lead to breakage. If you are not comfortable with this project, you can always hire a plumber to do the job for you.